The rate things are going, things are getting going to get a lot worse for salmon

The Treaty Rights at Risk report highlights an alarming trend in western Washington. If we don’t change the way we make room for our increasing population, things are only going to get worse for salmon. For example, based on the number of people we expect to live here in the future, here is how the […]

Data Focus: You can put more fish in the river, but if the habitat isn’t there, it doesn’t matter

One of the most common myths in the salmon recovery debate is that “if we just stop fishing, salmon will come back.” That assumption ignores what is really driving the decline of salmon and the reason we’ve failed so far at recovering them. What the graphs below show is a historic trend of decreased impact on one […]

The Basics

Damage to habitat quality and quantity: Has led to low catches not seen since the tribal treaty right to harvest salmon was reaffirmed in the Boldt Decision: Additional Resources A Qualitative Assessment of Implementation of the Puget Sound Chinook Salmon Recovery Plan, (Judge Report), NMFS, 2011 Regulating Shoreline Armoring in Puget Sound from Puget Sound […]